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Marijuana Seeds
1stMarijuanaGrowersPage run by a group of marijuana growing enthusiasts dedicated to help everyone in need of good seeds and growing knowledge. Big FREE library of selected and verified texts from marijuana netforums on all marijuana growing aspects. Welcome !
Cannabis loves it here! sign up for our free email and be entered into our FREE COMPETITION to win a $50 voucher to thccafe! Home of the ONLINE PETITION TO LEGALISE CANNABIS and seen in HIGH TIMES and WEEDWORLD magazines!
Marijuana Travel Guide with Marijuana Prices & Information
Around The World! Online Store
Test Mall offers you a great selection of FDA approved tests, including drug tests, pregnancy tests, ovulation tests as well as other medical tests.

PASS a Drug Test, How To Pass A Beating Drug Tests, Passing A Marijuana Urine Drug Test, How To Beat A Home Hair Drug Test Kits Pass your drug test with proven urine and hair drug testing solutions scientifically engineered for passing drug tests

Working to keep our community Legally Medicated!

420 Times Magazine - Marijuana & Hemp News
The premier news, information, and entertainment resource for Hemp & Marijuana culture. News, Bands, Girls, Comics, and much more!
Top quality seeds from the world's best strains.

Available at

Alternate Smoke: Legal Highs and Marijuana Alternatives
Quality Alternate Smoke and 100% Legal in the USA.

AstroStar Astrology
AstroStar offers unique horoscopes (love, feng shui, aromatherapy, etc), twin souls message board, New Age music, discount books, conferences, oracles, and more.

BadAssBuds - Seeds for the Cannaseur
Badassbuds, cannabis seeds and books. badassbuds offers excellent seed strains from leading seed banks world wide at very competitive prices. Over 100 strains at the moment and more to come.
Buy magic mushroom spores, mushroom grow kits, and much more!

Cheap Cigarettes for only $14.99
Why pay more for cigarettes? Buy Duty Free Cigarettes and save $$$  Visit

Cheech and Chong Dot Com - The Official Cheech and Chong home page.  Your complete source for Cheech and Chong news, albums, movies, biographies, news, free downloads & hard-to-find collectibles up for auction.

Custom and Original Laser Engraved Rolling Paper Stash Boxes. Unique and Affordable Stoner Gifts
Learn to grow edible or magic mushrooms safely and easily from home with our easy to use mushroom grow bag system. And Yes we do ship to the USA.
The place you will find everything you want to know about soft-drugs, like Marihuana, Magic Mushrooms, Herbal drugs, Herbal ecstasy, cannabis, weed, pot, ganja, hemp.

Grow mushrooms with the Proven Mushroom Growing Kit.  USA Shipping Available
Learn to grow edible or magic mushrooms safely and easily from home with our easy to use mushroom grow bag system. And Yes we do ship to the USA.

Herbal Ecstasy, Herbal Ecstasy, Legal XTC, Herbal Alternatives to the Street Drug Ecstasy
Why risk getting busted and using street drugs. Try the herbal , natural alternative to the hard street drug Ecstasy (Ecstasy, XTC) Good clean fun with new White Tabs herbal ecstasy. 

Holy Smoke Healing Center Society
A non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with medical conditions live decent lives through the medicinal use of marijuana.

Illinois Marijuana Party
The Illinois Marijuana seeks to remove all penalties for adults 21 and over who choose to consume cannabis in a responsible manner. We demand the right to grow marijuana  for personal consumption, just as alcohol can be brewed at home legally so long as it is not sold untaxed.

Magic Mushroom Growing Kits, Spore Syringes, & Other Mycology Related Products
Learn to grow magic mushrooms safely and easily from home with our easy to use magic mushroom growing kit. We also carry the famous and original SPS20 Spore Syringe with Psilocybe Innoculate.

Marijuana Seeds - Cannabis Seeds Supplier. 
Offers indoor, outdoor and feminized seeds varieties.
Get more buzz for your buck, without the smoke. Plus huge resource of marijuana information.

Mazatec Garden Salvia Divinorum
Dedicated to providing high quality shamanistic herbs and herbal extracts at reasonable prices. We specialize in Salvia divinorum, Dream Herb, Kanna, Wild dagga, and Blue Lotus.

Molino Smoking Accessories
Molino Grinder, Pyrex glass pipes, Pyrex bongs, Droll pipes, Filter tips and a lot of other smoking accessories in best quality for reasonable prices! where the only thing wasted is you!

Project Marijuana. 
Your all in one Growing Guide to grow the best crops ever. Marijuana Seeds, Herbal Smoking Products, Chronic Cooking Recipes, Pics of Killer Buds and more.
A superb directory of the best marijuana related web sites. Massive collection of cool content.
How to roll a joint with weed, hash, & marijuana.

TGK Joint Resources
The one and only place for cannabis webmasters! Find everything you need for your website!

Smoking With Style
The user-friendly guide to pot etiquette.

The Hempire
London's best coffee shop.

Toronto Hemp Company
Provider of high quality hemp and related products & information.
Our aromatherapy vapourisers reduce the harmful effects of smoking.

Where Hemp Lives
Kultcha House, where hemp lives, is your one-stop shop for 100% hemp clothing, boots, shoes, hats, bags, jewelry and accessories. We also have a fine selection of quality hemp body care products, rasta gear, CDs, incense, oil burners, posters, banners, and books. One Planet, One Aim, One Destiny!

The Guide to Marijuana on the Internet.


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