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10/07/2003 - Ga. Court Tosses Motorist Drug Test Law

09/18/2003 - Caffeine, cold medicine likely off drug-test list

09/09/2003 - 5 Elsa Police Officers Resign After Failing Mandatory Drug Tests

05/30/2003 - Concerned Parent Fights Drug Testing in Arkansas

05/12/2003 - Mandatory Student Drug Testing Bill Defeated in Louisiana

03/14/2003 - Who Wants Drug Testing? Not Pennsylvania Cops, Not Colorado Teachers

02/17/2003 - Anomalies bug drug test centers

01/06/2003 - Ohio Supreme Court Strikes Down Drug Testing Law

12/30/2002 - Controversial Drug Testing Study Yields Mixed Results

11/06/2002 - Student Drug Testing - Dangerous

11/06/2002 - Canada: Student Drug Testing Under Scrutiny

11/04/2002 - Editorial: Drug Testing Won't Predict Driving Habits

10/30/2002 - Dole Links License to Drug Test

10/25/2002 - Federal Court Upholds Drug Tests for Welfare Recipients

10/22/2002 - Welfare Drug Test Plan Put on Hold

10/22/2002 - Experiment with Drug Tests at Mexico City Schools Draws Fire

10/21/2002 - Florida School District Wants Positive Drug Test Kids to Pay for Own Counseling

10/12/2002 - Ex-Deputy Wins Request to End Weekly Drug Test

10/01/2002 - My Turn: Random Drug Tests Undermine Trust

09/10/2002 - World of Competitive Bridge Fends Off Drug Menace, US Player Loses Medal for Refusing Drug Test

08/02/2002 - Despite Supreme Court Ruling, No Wave of High School Drug Testing Foreseen

07/17/2002 - Canada Just Says No to Workplace Drug Testing

06/27/2002 - Court OKs Random Drug Tests in Schools

06/22/2002 - Drug Test for Hub Officers Stirs Bias Fear

04/04/2002 - IOC Test Reveals Many Nutritional Supplements Can Cause Positive Drug Test

03/18/2002 - Court To Hear School Drug Test Case

03/18/2002 - Court To Consider School Drug-Testing

03/18/2002 - Supreme Court Denies Relief to Man Who Sells Urine Online

02/18/2002 - Botched Test Throws Out Suspicious Drug Sample at Winter Games


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