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Health Tech signs an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with
Natural Bridges Product, Inc., the manufacturer of First Call™

ATLANTA, GA (November 19, 2004) - Health Tech is proud to announce the newest addition to its product line, FIRST CALL™. Last month Health Tech’s President, Laith Richard, signed an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with Natural Bridges Products, Inc. (NBPI), a leading innovator in the nutraceutical industry. This new business alliance gives Health Tech the sole rights to distribute FIRST CALL™, the leading hangover prevention product, to smoke shops throughout the United States.

FIRST CALL™ is a unique liver support supplement that was created by a group of three researchers specializing in pharmacology, plant chemistry, and liver disease. FIRST CALL™ is made from extracts of hybrid artichoke bud and sarsaparilla root utilizing a proprietary two-step method. This patent pending product allows sensible drinkers to enjoy themselves without experiencing the next-day symptoms that are commonly associated with hangovers. Made from all-natural ingredients, FIRST CALL™ breaks down the toxins that the body creates after consuming alcohol and allows the liver to function more efficiently.

FIRST CALL™ has over 20 years of research to confirm its liver support qualities. A double blind medical study involving FIRST CALL™ was conducted at Mexico City's largest hospital where remarkable results were achieved with patients suffering from alcoholic liver disease. In addition, Brunswick Laboratories concluded that FIRST CALL™ helps to minimize and neutralize free radical damage with its amazing antioxidant properties. FIRST CALL™ is safe, healthy, and effective!

FIRST CALL™ has also gained national notoriety through mainstream media, especially during this past year as evidenced by NBPI’s explosive growth in 2004. FIRST CALL™ has been featured on CNN and the product received positive reviews in Playboy® magazine and Maxim® magazine. Editors at Maxim® wrote, "during rigorous testing in our office (hey who are we to shirk the scientific method?), the pill worked very well..." In addition, FIRST CALL™ is now being sold in several national chains including Longs Drugs, QuickStop, and hundreds of bars and lounges that are supplied by Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc.

Laith Richard, President of Health Tech, firmly believes that FIRST CALL™ is a natural extension of the Clear Choice® product line. Furthermore, Laith added that, “FIRST CALL™ compliments our company’s detox products. After thorough research, I was convinced that FIRST CALL™ is the best anti-hangover brand. I was also impressed by NBPI’s leadership and vision. Our Exclusive Distribution Agreement with NBPI reaffirms Health Tech’s commitment to its customers by providing them with the most effective and highest quality products available.”

FIRST CALL™ is available in single serving packets which consist of six capsules, thirty count bottles, and ninety count bottles. For additional product information, copies of the studies referenced in this press release, or for a free sample of FIRST CALL™, please contact Health Tech’s Wholesale Department at: 1-888-832-4420 ext. 4.

Think before you drink™. PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY. Don’t drink and drive!

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